Reasons Why London Escorts Prefer Men with Small Penises

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a very common phrase that we all know about. However, what most of us don’t know is that this quote can be interpreted differently to read like this, ‘Don’t judge a dick by its size.’ We are living in an era where people associate big things with greatness; big houses, big cars, big phones, and so on. If you’ve been thinking that bigger is better, London escorts have a different perception and prefer men with smaller penises. Would you like to know why? If yes, let’s find out.
Small packages are great for anal
It is common for people to believe that the vagina is the best organ to turn ladies on. However, this is not entirely true because anus is a very sensitive organ to focus on for arousal. London escorts love when their clients are into anal sex, and they enjoy even more when doing it with a guy with a small dick. Basically, big penises make an escort feel intimidated and end up feeling pain instead of enjoying. Fortunately, a small dick does not go deep, is pleasurable, and does the trick to make an escort scream for more.
Guys with small penises are more creative in bed
Men with small dicks may not offer great sex, but they are willing to go above and beyond to create a memorable moment with their women. London escorts always enjoy having a great time with a guy with a small penis because they understand that the focus will not be on sex only. These guys are very creative and try something different every time. For instance, they like using sex toys to turn a London escort on, use things such as vibrating tongue ring, or even a vibrator during intercourse to send the escort to cloud nine. During foreplay, they use anything that can make a woman scream, such as props, blindfolds, handcuffs, ice, and anal plugs.
They become blow-job experts
London escorts are professionally trained and experienced to make their clients happy and satisfied. They understand what turns on their clients, where to touch, and where not to. One of the most important organs they dwell on is the penis for a blow job. Interestingly, they prefer men with small dicks as they are easy to suck, which makes foreplay easier and enjoyable.
Men with small penises aim to please
Guys with small penises are gentlemen-like and can do anything within their power to please a woman. After booking a London escort, these guys please them by going out on a dinner, sharing drinks, dancing together, and giving presents. They can do all these for different reasons, but one thing for sure is that they aim to please so that even if they fail to offer great sex, a London escort will have something to remember them for.